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Return of FabFitFun: 2017 Summer Box Review

I’m trying so patiently to wait for my FabFitFun Fall box to arrive, but it still hasn’t shipped! So instead of twiddling my thumbs, I’ll move my fingers along this keyboard and tell you about last season’s box.

Now that I’ve used the products in my 2017 Summer FabFitFun box, I’d like to review them so that you all get some feedback on how they performed. This is a different take on a reveal box. Instead of revealing the items to you without ever using them, I will rate my success with each product. No spoilers here.

For those that don’t know about FabFitFun, it is a quarterly subscription box that is truly awesome! Each box comes with 6-9 items. It’s a little steeper than some subscription boxes at $50 a box, but you only get it 4 times a year and get over $250 worth of products So, if you are a Birchbox fan–which I am–, that subscription annually is $110 for 5 samples a month with Birchbox. This subscription box is $180 annually which breaks down to $15 a month. The bonus is that these are FULL size products. I usually get two to three beauty/facial items and three “other” items like candles, planners, accessories, etc. I’ve found that even if I only like two of the items, those two items typically equal out to double the cost I paid for the box. Plus, I LOVE trying out new products.

There are some items I’ve found myself really liking this season.


With that, I’d like to talk about the products from the 2017 Summer Box with a focus on which ones were my favorite must buy items.

2017 Summer FabFitFun Box Products

1. Michael Stars Ruana – $54

This is a lightweight accessory that can be worn draped over the shoulders, tied around the waist, or wrapped like a scarf. Even though it’s very versatile, I’ve only worn it as a swimsuit wrap. I’m hoping to use it more as a scarf now that fall is approaching. Overall, it’s very cute, but a little pricey. I gave it a 4 star because I’ve only used it as a wrap, and for the price I’d like to use it more.

You can find similar ruanas from Michael Stars here and here and sale priced ones here and here (affiliate links) . ∗∗∗∗

2. BKR Little – $352017-06-17_12-41-56_435

This is certainly a smaller water bottle. It was absolutely perfect for traveling. I filled it for the drive to the airport, drank it all, took it empty through TSA, and refilled it so I had it on the plane. The size was perfect in my carryon, but I like a slightly bigger water bottle for work since refilling it can be tricky to do with little down time. It cleans really well in the dishwasher and the protective sleeve and wider opening are nice features.  ∗∗∗∗

I found it a little cheaper here (affiliate link)

3. Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze – $30


I don’t use highlighter very often. If I did, this would be a go to product. It is lightweight and gives a nice finish. It doesn’t make you look orange or too dark or too bronze. ∗∗∗∗

You can find it here (affiliate link)

4. Smoothing Eye Concentrate – $292017-06-17_12-47-20_313.jpeg

I’ve already purchased a second bottle of this eye cream. I like the way it plumps my skin and makes it look fresh in the morning. It is also organic and made with fruit and vegetable juices. Just a warning, I had a friend that had an allergic reaction to this product which I am guessing is due to the fruit used in it.  But, for me it works great, and I use it nightly. ∗∗∗∗∗

Check it out here (affiliate link)

5. Himalayan Pink Salt Kit – $262017-06-17_12-51-31_995.jpeg

This time around FabFitFun decided to give it’s customers two choices on products. For the first choice you could select from traveler (passport cover and luggage tag), artist (art kit), or chef (salt). I selected chef which was the Himalayan salt. I’d say out of the choices; it would’ve been my top pick; I’ve always wanted to try Himalayan salt. This pink version came with a cute storage block for the salt grater. Although it is cute, I don’t find myself using it all that much. I use very little salt and when I do, like on my eggs in the morning, I use table salt. Overall, I didn’t notice it tasting any different that what I already use. I also don’t like having stuff on the counter, so the cute storage piece isn’t visible on a regular basis. I guess I’ll have to bring it out next time we have guests to get some use out of it. ∗∗

Almost the exact same set and a little cheaper here (affiliate link)

6. 03 Soothe and Cool Massage Oil – $29.502017-06-17_12-47-50_270.jpeg

The second choice products were between fitness or beauty. This was a toughie, but I chose fitness. It was the right pick for me since beauty was dry shampoo, and I’m just not a fan. The fitness item was a cooling massage oil. This product smells great and leaves a bit of a cooling effect on the skin. If only I could find a masseuse to actually rub it in for me after a workout, now that would be perfect. Although it would be a good product in theory, I don’t find myself using it often. ∗∗

You can go directly to their website to find this product by clicking here.

7. Mystic Bar Necklace – $582017-06-17_12-41-21_460.jpeg

I love this necklace! It is petite and the blue stones are beautiful and vibrant. One downside is that the chain is delicate; my friend’s chain broke, and my necklace didn’t stay tightly clasped. I ended up losing mine which made me super sad! I loved layering it with a longer necklace. I’ve since tried to find something similar, but I just can’t get the same look I once had when I had the orginal piece. I’d give it 5 stars except for the fact that I and another person had issues with the product. It’s too bad; it’s super cute! ∗∗∗∗

8. Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ – $242017-06-17_12-50-23_789.jpeg

This is truly a lightweight sunscreen. It did not leave any streaks or clumps. The SPF 50 meant I was more than covered when going for a run. It was even easy to apply on my children. ∗∗∗∗∗ 

You can get this one at Walgreens (affiliate link)

9. Vital Proteins Marine Collagen – Sponsored Item

All FabFitFun boxes come with a sponsered sample. This time it was this protein collagen product. Although it claimed to be unflavored, I just thought it was gross. I added it to water; it was clumpy. Perhaps if I added it to a flavored beverage it would have been better. There was only one packet to try, and I wasn’t impressed.

This box didn’t have as many items at the Spring box. Of all the items, my favorites were the ruana, water bottle, sunscreen and necklace. But which is my MUST buy? The items I’ll be purchasing again? If you were paying attention, I gave it away in my reviews.


Smoothing Eye Concentrate

It was the one item I actually did buy. For an eye cream, it’s reasonably priced. It feels nice going on and keeps my skin looking healthy. If you’re looking to try it out, I found it at Ulta for the same price.

Check it out here (affiliate link)

RUNNER UP — It’s a tie. 

The Michael Stars Ruana or Mystic Bar Necklace

I love both items. Because they both have a high price tag on their own, I’m not sure I would’ve tried them out if it weren’t for this box. But, that’s why I love this subscription so much. It really does allow me to trying things I normally wouldn’t. I also love that it features and chooses products that supports female entrepreneurs. Either way, both items are fun accessories.

Overall, the Spring Box was worth the $45 I paid. The product total for this box is $272! I’m so excited for this box to finally ship and get here so that I can what products are in the fall box. I’m bound to find a new item I treasure. Perhaps even one that I use as a part of my daily routine. Now if it will just hurry up and get here!

Note: The link to FabFitFun is a referral link. If you decide you’d like to give this box a try, I’d love for you to use the referral link. As all referrals go, I get a small one time bonus for referring you to this service. FabFitFun did not pay me for any of this feedback; it is 100% my own because I think it is a neat subscription service, and I love blogging about it. I truly love it, and I’ve told all my friends, so now I’ve also told you. #365daysofnew



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