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Oh, the Magic & Wonder that Fairies Bring: 1,000 Islands Environmental Center, a Place for Exploration

What could be more magical than little girls running around with fairy wing atop their backs and wands in hand? Not much at this imaginative age. There’s something about it that makes my heart melt. I love the whimsy and wonder behind it all. It may seem as though this post is about trick or treating or Halloween, but it is not. Instead it is about an event we attended we attended this summer that was really quite spectacular.

Flipping through photos on my phone, I came across some adorable ones from an end of summer reading event in Kaukauna called the The Fairy Walk. This is by far one of the best library events I’ve ever attended as it was well organized, had tons of engaging stations, and was appropriate for all ages. Don’t let the name be deceiving. Yes, clearly, it is about fairies, but there were also plenty of activities there that would interest not just girls, but boys too, including dancing, face painting, balloon animals, storytime, and art. I truly think it would be fun for anyone.

What really couldn’t be beat was the location of this event. It was at the 1,000 Islands Environmental Center in Kaukauna. I had never been to this facility, but the conservatory grounds are beautiful including a wooded walking path and barrier free access to the river. I think that this center would be amazing this time of year as the colors on the trees are finally showing and the setting would be perfect for some fall family photos!

My favorite part of the event was the fairy walk on the boardwalk. Kids walked the path to observe all of the fairy houses hidden along the way. All of the houses on display were made my kids from the area.

Not only was it fun to spot them all, kids could use their stone to vote for their favorite house. It was such a great community addition to the event.


Even more than the activities themselves, my children—and many others— had fun watching hundreds of crawfish swimming around in the water. It was a bit muddy and not part of the event, but it was one of the highlights. Having the event on the conservatory grounds allowed for this cool experience for the kids.


There are some other events coming up at 1,000 Islands Environmental Center that would be worth checking out including the Fall Frolic on October 24th starting at 6:00 PM. The event description says, “Celebrate autumn with some stories, nature activity, fall craft and refreshments. *New for 2017: Gather some fall leaves and other items before the program to use in the craft.* People should preregister a week ahead at 920-766-4733. Check out other events here or on their Facebook Page.

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