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A New Cleansing Routine to Try

Technically, there was nothing wrong with my former cleansing routine which only involved water and Norwex cloths; it was very effective and environmentally friendly, but I’ve stumbled upon a new product I wanted to try since I’ve seen it in magazines and stores. That product was micellar water.

So, I had to do some research to even know what made this product effective and unique. Micellar water contains cleansers called misculars in the solution. These special cleansing molecules remove makeup–especially mascara–with ease. I’ve found soaking a cotton pad and holding over my eyes for a few seconds will remove my eye makeup in one swipe. No more harsh scrubbing. Also, swipe the cotton pad over your face and the makeup is visibly removed; the proof is on the cotton swab–gross, but effective!

Micellar water is alcohol free and oil free which is perfect for sensitive skin resulting in less dry skin so less wrinkles. Win win.

So, even if I go back to my Norwex routine, I will continue to use micellar water for the sole purpose of removing eye makeup. It’s so effective and gentle. Completly worth trying out and a great find. IMG_9771.JPG

Here is the product I’ve been using. It’s on sale and an affordable price. Other places you can buy it are Target and Ulta (affiliate links).

Thanks for checking out my site today. Feel free to share, comment, and like. I’d love to hear about your best beauty routines. #365daysofnew

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