30 Day Challenges

30 Day Challenge Results for October

This was a month to let my creative energies flow. Now I am by no means an artist–Picasso is not in my repertoire, haha not even close–, but I still like to color, draw, and find inspiration in things around me to be creative in my own sense.  My challenge for the month of October was to draw, create, or design something new each day.

Most of my drawings were in the form of word art, and I found myself even practicing this in my classroom–it happened to catch the attention of one of my coworkers, probably because I don’t have the neatest of handwriting, so I was actually “trying” to play printing.

Some of my favorites were sayings I found online or in books. I emulated what I saw and tried out different thicknesses, lines, patterns, etc. It was not only fun, but a relaxing activity to do while watching tv in the evenings.

In the end, I was able to meet my challenge even though I found myself drawing several pages in one night and taking a break to then drawing several more a few nights later.IMG_0362.JPG

Since I write blog posts, this was a different outlet for me that I appreciated. A different form of journaling. I also love doing those adult coloring books, but those can be so time consuming. I was able to do some of these word arts in a few minutes opposed to a coloring book page which can take me several sittings. A few drawings/sayings would even be fun to make larger and frame. We will see if I ever get that ambitious.

Well, everyone, I’m excited for my November Challenge which I’ll be posting shortly. Considering trying a 30 Day Challenge yourself. They are fun, rewarding, and–of course–challenging–in a good way.IMG_0368.JPG

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