30 Day Challenges

Reveal of My 30 Day Challenge for December

After my husband commented again about me not watching another show because I’m absorbed in my phone, it made me think. I’ve kept blowing these comments off time and time again, but maybe he’s right; I spend a lot of time on my phone.

Some nights I spend from the moment my kids go to bed until the moment it is time for me to go to bed looking up things, reading articles, surfing good deals, etc. Sometimes I am looking at it any free moment I get including during commercials, at an appointment, between class periods. Sometimes I look at my phone all night, get ready for bed, and find myself looking at it again for another 20 minutes while lying in bed. I’m sure it’s messing up my sleep, eyes, and socialization. It can get excessive.

Realizing I need to break away from a possible addition, my 30 Day Challenge for December will not require me to go cold turkey, but I am going to cut down on the time I spend on my phone. I am allowing myself a quick check of my calendar and to lookup a word here and there, but the time spent mindlessly surfing, reading emails, articles, and shopping is cut down to 30 minutes a day.

I’m hoping this will free up more of my night to write a few more articles, have conversations with my spouse, and read. I’m hoping for more balance.

If you are interested in reading about my inspiration for my 30 Day Challenges, check it out here. This is my 12th challenge–one a month for the entire year. Feel free to check out some of the others.

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