Rye Makes Great Food that Will Have You Returning for More

Our date night took place in Appleton so that my sister could watch our kids. It was from a trade off when I had watched hers while she worked. Boy was it worth it!

We tried Rye in Appleton. This restaurant is in a hotel, but inside it is more unique looking than one would think. There is a modern, rustic decor with touches of glamour in the light fixtures and table settings, creating a nice, relaxed ambiance. It was the perfect setting for our casual conversation.2017-09-01_18-32-41_235

Because we rarely go on dates nights, we knew that we wanted to have all the courses.

Our dining experience started with a bottle of wine. Malbec is one of my favorites. Fruity and mild yet a great stand alone, this was perfect to pair with everything. 2017-09-01_18-09-30_268 Warm fresh baked bread was delivered with homemade chive butter and a trio of dipping oils. The bread service was so tasty; it maked it hard not to fill up on it before the main entree.

Next, up was an appetizer of on the half and fire grilled oysters. Yum! I prefered the ones on the half with a squirt of fresh lemon because it reminded me of our vacation to Florida. Both were fresh and delicious.  2017-09-01_18-08-38_086

The main course was a filet of perfectly cooked tenderloin on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes with broccolini and a rich demi glaze. Wow, mouthwatering!2017-09-01_18-24-44_395

Lastly, we shared a decadent flourless chocolate cake with a silky chocolate and raspberry ganache and complementing raspberries. The mint leaves were a delicious added touch that pushed the cake over the top. 2017-09-01_18-48-38_729

Sadly, it’s been a few months since that date night. But, I’d certainly love to go back. The atmosphere was fun, the food was top notch, and the company of my husband was the silver lining.

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