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Bowling is the Perfect Activity for All Ages

Now that it is so cold –negative two below today, burrr– we need activities that get us out of the house and are enjoyable to the whole family. Today we made an afternoon outing out of bowling. A month ago, I suggested it to my sister, and she brought her two kids, 4 years old, and I brought my two, 5 and 3 years old. It was so much fun for everyone. So, when we went back today, it was a reminder of the good times we had that day.

For the little ones, not only are there bumpers to keep the ball in the lane, there are also ramps they can push the ball down. The youngest needs help carrying the ball to the ramp, but the oldest can complete this all on her own. They love seeing the pins get knocked down especially when someone would get a strike. They were also super excited to get their own cup of lemonade. What a treat!

This was a very reasonably priced activity at $2.50 a game and $1 for shoes during the week. Cosmic bowling costs a bit more and on Sunday there are other specials. There are several bowling alleys in the Green Bay area. If you don’t live in the area, find one closest to your location and take the kids for a fun afternoon. Check out possible specials that the alley might run to get the most for your money. 2017-10-15_09-32-51_000.png

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