30 Day Challenges

A Pat on the Back for 2017’s Accomplishments – Looking Forward to 2018!

In the past, I’ve set resolutions for myself, and sometimes I’m successful and sometimes not so much. This year I didn’t set a specific resolution, but I did take on a challenge I didn’t know I would be able to accomplish. That challenge was blogging.

As the year is ending, I’m reflecting back at 2017, and I’m amazed at some of the accomplishments I made this year. Here are some of my successes.

#1 – Blogging a Full Year!

Yes, I made it. One full year. As many promised, it got hard at times to keep on writing. I had plenty to say, but finding the time with a full time job, raising two kids, and making time for myself and husband is a balancing act for sure. Along with blogging came 67 followers (I gained another one yesterday–thanks!) for my blog site and 95 followers on my Facebook page! I’ve also written 125 articles. I’m overwhelmed by the amount I accomplished this year on my blog. Thank you for helping this to happen. Having readers makes me love writing even more. I’ve also found a whole blogging community out there, and I continue to explore it regularly.

#2 – Challenging Myself to Do Better

The 30 Day Challenges really pushed me to accomplish more than I would have had I not done them. I didn’t succeed at all of them, but I did learn some things about myself. My favorites were doodling each day, writing down one thing I was thankful for each day, and reading one book a week.

#3 – Continuing to Try New Things

Trying new places to explore with my children, new foods or recipes to make, and new products, are still things I am doing on a regular basis. Getting myself out of my comfort zone and being open to new things has been a success for me and my family.

This year I am going to give myself a pat on the back for 2017’s accomplishments. Hooray! I’m also looking forward to new successes in 2018.


Goals for 2018
  • to find more work-home balance
  • to get on more of a regular exercise routine and try out a new class
  • to post on my blog once a week
  • to be present with my family at night
  • to limit my time on my device especially at night
  • to read more novels (at least one a month)

I think these are very manable goals. Clearly, I can’t tackle them all at once, but these are things I’d like to strive for in 2018. I will not set a specific resolution, but will work on my list little by little.

How about you, will you set a resolution? What are some of your goals for 2018? Were you happy with your accomplishments in 2017? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year everyone!

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