30 Day Challenges

Results from December’s 30 Day Challenge

Hello lovely readers!

This concludes the last of my 30 Day Challenges for 2017. I started way back in January with my first month of blogging and have ended the year with a limit on how often I surf on my cell phone. There were so many fun challenges in between. I’ve listed all of them below for a quick reference.

January – Blog for 30 Days

February – Decluttering Challenge

March – Eating 3 Servings of Vegetables a Day

April – 20 Minutes of Movement a Day

May – Read a Book a Week

June – Say Something Nice/Possitive Affirmations

July – Once a Week Do-It-Myself Projects

August – One New Recipie a Week

September – Unintrupted Family Time Activities

October – Drawing/Sketching Challenge

November – Journal What I’m Thankful For

December – 30 Minutes or Less Cell Phone Use

As for my results this month, I was not 100% successful. Boy is it hard to give up something you are so reliant on for information and entertainment. One thing the challenge did help me to do was to be more conscious of when I’m using my phone. I didn’t use it as much during the day as I didn’t have much time—30 minutes a day. I resorted to using it at night when I could delete emails and read the news.  During my extra freetime, I was able to substituted my phone surfing time for two seasons of Stranger Things. I also read a few magazines and graded a few more papers. Times when I struggled to meet my 30 minutes a day maximum were when we traveled in the car and when I was waiting for appointments.

Overall, I’d love to try this challenge again in the future to get me back on track with what’s really important. It’s the perfect reality check allowing me delete from my life anything that doesn’t give me any true value.

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