January Book Club

For many years, I’ve wanted to start a book club, but I found it difficult to find enough dedicated people that would be willing to read a book and discuss. I get it. Most of us have super busy careers, families, and little freetime.

This year I decided to stop wishing and just commit to creating the book club I’ve wanted for so long. Because my must read list was getting longer not shorter, I needed to push myself to commit more to reading. I was hoping at least one person was willing to read and talk, so I put it out there to my local friends to see if I could generate enough interest. I was happy to find at least four girls willing to give it a go, so we picked a book, set a date, and are on the path to reading our first selection.

For the month of January, we are reading Solo by Kwame Alexander. This is a young adult book written in verse which makes it a super quick read. Kwame Alexander has also written Booked and The Crossover–which won the Newbery and Coretta Scott King Award in 2015. Both are books I’d like to check out next.

If anyone else is interested, I will post about some of our discussion after our first meeting. It would be great to see others join in by adding their thoughts about this read. Eventually, I’d like to host a live twitter chat about the book.

What are your best recommendations for 2018 reads that we should consider for our next book club?

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