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A Stain Solution that Works!

In the past, I have fought with scrubbing and soaking stained clothing. Many times the stain is still present even after all that effort. The toughest are markers, coffee, and grease. One night when I was cleaning up from an impromptu dinner party, I noticed a grease spot on my shirt. Bummed that I would not be able to wear the shirt anymore I expressed my frustration aloud.

“Not another shirt!” I cried. A friend of the family was over and was convinced she could get it out. When she brought me back my shirt the next weekend, I was amazed! The stain was gone.

Immediately, I needed to know what miracle solution got out the oil. The answer was Carbona Stain Devils.

In the past, I either donated or threw away these items of clothing. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying this product other than a few dollars and a little of my time.

When I found it at my local grocery store, there was not just one type, but a dozen bottles with specific stain removing capabilities. Including some my stain enemies: oil, wine, and coffee.

I grabbed one for wine and got to work once I got home on one of my husband’s shirts that had an old wine stain. The shirt had been stain treated, soaked, and washed multiple times with other cleaners. Although the stain wasn’t super dark anymore, it was still there, and I could see it easily when my husband wore this shirt. Assuming it would not come out since it was certainly set in at this point, I followed the directions on the back. To my amazement, stain came out on the first try! Look at the results.

If interested, check out some of the options here (coffee, tea, wine & juice) or here (oils and fats) or whole collection here (commissioned links).

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