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January 30 Day Challenge Results

For my January 30 Day Challenge, I kept a bullet journal which is basically a daily to do list. Each day I jotted down what I was going to accomplish the next day. That night I’d move items to the next day or check items of the list. My inspiration was from an article in the December Parent Magazine called “This is why you’ll want to start bullet journaling.

After the first week, I realized I was writing down the same goals each day. There was very little change from day to day. If I forgot to write down goals the night before, I was less successful at accomplishing what would have been on my to do list. I did not use the bullet journal to actually journal things that were happening or celebratory things. Instead, I have a rotating calendar at work where I already write these things down by date, so putting it in two places didn’t make sense.  Where I did like the daily goals, was for work related tasks such as grading essays. When I wrote down how many I wanted to accomplish, I was likely and determined to complete the task which really helped me with procrastination. I also loved checking the items off my list each night.

Overall, I didn’t love the bullet journal as it was too repetitive for me, and I wasn’t super creative with it (see Pinterest for how people really take this to the next level). I would rather have the same goals mapped out for the entire month which brings me to my next goal: a Habit Tracker.


Taking this journaling idea a step further, I am going to graph my habits on what is known as a Habit Tracker. I first saw this idea on from a blogger, Rosie at Journey of a Lifestyle, whose blog I adore. She called this idea a Pixel Log, so I’ve now seen it called both. It is essentially a way to graph habits each day. I think it would be a fun and easy way to see my overall habits over the course of a month, it will still keep me accountable, and they are so colorful which makes them way more exciting. So, for the month of February I am going to track my accomplishments through this graphic representation.

How have you been at keeping up with your goals this month? Did you set a New Year’s Resolution? Have you been able to accomplish this the first 30 days? Drop me a note in the comments to share out your own progress. I’d love the inspiration!

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