Trying New Foods with Friends Expands Our Friday Night Takeout Menu

Friends of ours came over with all their favorites from a local Vietnamese food restaurant: Pho #1 Noodle and Grill.  Until this time, I’ve only had homemade pho which a friend of mine made at her house (see that post here). This was not only very good, but super fun to make when entertaining a small group, but I had not tried anything from a restaurant, and I was very curious to try more than just the pho.

Wow, we had a ton of food! Our guests were very excited to share this menu with us. We had pho, banh mi sandwiches, vermicelli, and lo mein. It was super fun to assemble the meal with exactly what each individual wanted to add to his or her plate. Personally, I do not like spicy food, but I could customize mine to my liking; it was up to the person to add in as much spicy as he or she wanted which was perfect.

Check out our amazing spread of food. My mouth is watering already looking back at what we had that night.

Attachment-1 (1)
Pho with Beef
Spring Rolls with Peanut Sauce
Banh Mi Sandwich
Chicken Lo Mein

I think my favorite was the pho followed by the Lo Mein and Vermicelli. It’ll be hard to pair down our selection next time as we had too much food for four people and two kids, but it was really a excellent. Even the girls loved the noodles.

Even though the week just started, I’m now looking forward to Friday; hoping this will be our next takeout or maybe we will head inside—I heard the atmosphere is very kid friendly.

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6 thoughts on “Trying New Foods with Friends Expands Our Friday Night Takeout Menu

  1. It was fun and delicious to dine tonight at Pho Noodle House. My husband and I shared the Chicken Pho and a rice dish with beef, shrimp, rice with a sweet sauce, and a ginger salad. We’ll be going back!


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