What Are You Waiting for? Start Your Own Book Club Today!

Needing an intellectual conversation with some book loving ladies, I hosted my first ever book club. The turn out was supposed to be small, but easily manageable with about five girls in attendance. In the end, there ended up being nine ladies! We discussed the book Solo by Kwame Alexander which is a young adult book written in prose. The storyline followed Blaze, a son of a rockstar, who is seeking out his own identity.  There are added allusions from famous artists and songs throughout the text.

The majority of the group appreciated that it was a quick read and had an entertaining element to the storyline.

At the last minute, I set up a few things so that we had talking points throughout the night. The first was a spot to fill in a name tag–since not everyone knew each other–and a song title that represented how her day was going. My choice was The Eagles “Too Busy Being Fabulous”. Putting this whole event together made me feel like I was achieving “fabulous” status for the day.img_1327.jpgThe next station was a spot to write down a favorite quote from the book. I loved, “Why do we need mirrors when we can see the reflection of our goodness in the way others react to us?” Now that’s something to think about.

The overall conversation was insightful and got to the depths of this literary work. I created some discussion cards to keep the conversation moving along which helped everyone stay focused. Everyone got two cards so she could facilitate that portion of the discussion. Many of the questions I found from–see the full set of questions here.

The next book our group will read is A Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds.

I’ve heard great things and am excited to start this one. We meet at the end of March since it worked best for most of the ladies. I’ll keep you updated on our second book discussion. Perhaps you’ll enjoy reading and adding your comments to the discussion feed as well.

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