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Technology for the Win: March’s 30 Day Challenge

In December, my 30 day challenge was to use less technology, specifically less time spent on my phone. In contrast, this month is more technology. Wait what? You may be thinking, why the swing of things?

My work is having it’s third annual March Madness Technology Challenge.  This challenge is a team and individual challenge where the goal is to try new technology in our lives and classrooms.IMG_1586

Everyone here knows I’m up for a good challenge, and I have quite the competitive nature. This year the rules have changed from previous years, so our teams have changed and so have some of the activities and point values.

The competition is based on a point system where participants get a point for each activity completed from the chart. So far, I have accomplished three tasks in which I have tweeted to the hashtag #redbirdsrock, made a class meme (really fun!), and followed at least ten other teachers. Writing a blog post is another off the list, so now I’ll have four! My goal is to do at least half of the 35 activities. A huge undertaking, but something worth pushing myself towards.

Screenshot 2018-03-04 at 9.37.30 AM.png
The meme I created to add to my grammar review slides.

The activities I’m excited about trying are making an animated GIF and using a maker type activity in a lesson. Those would be very new to me.

Screenshot 2018-03-07 at 4.13.32 PM.png
A sampling of the activities in the challenge.

I’ll let you all know how this challenge goes as the month progresses. Stay tuned to read more and root me on–prizes at stake! To check out where my 30 Day Challenges started, read my first post here.

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