When Surfing My Phone is not an Option There’s always my Newest Netflix Binge – Spring Edition 2018

Binge watching TV is very much my style. I prefer it over watching a movie hands down.  So often, I’ll find myself latching on to something and wanting to finish the whole series. So, when I discovered The 100, I was hooked.

I do love science fiction and needed a new science fiction series after Stranger Things-if you haven’t watched this yet, you should! Finding another option while waiting for season 3 was a hard task.

The 100 is about a community that has survived 98 years on The Ark, a spaceship orbiting Earth. Earth is uninhabitable due to radiation from a nuclear explosion and is not supposed to be liveale until at least 100 years, but the ark is running out of oxygen and supplies. Those in charge send 100 “criminal” teenagers to the ground to see if they can survive the amount of radiation left, but there are more issues than just radiation poisoning. This series is suspenseful and action packed. There are issues with leadership, morals, relationships, survival, clans, and nature. At times, as the series progressed it got a bit overly violent, but by then I was pretty invested and wanted to finish out the plot.

This series was released in 2014, and there are 5 seasons which is plenty to keep you busy.

Now I’m looking for the next series to binge watch. I’ve heard The Crown (Netflix) and The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) are very good. I’d really like to find a comedy. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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