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Blogversary: Year Two is in the Books

Hello readers,

When I started this journey two years ago, I had my reservations. I knew blogging would be work, but I didn’t realize how much work until I started planning, writing, revising, editing, taking pictures, editing pictures, finding content, and posting on a regular basis.

In reality, the list is long and can be menacing, but it turns out I really do like to write. My hands press to the keyboard, my thoughts pouring onto the screen in front of me, it makes the process worth it.

As I reflect back on another year of blogging, my blog has been a bit lackluster this year. The biggest things I’ve struggled with are keeping a consistent schedule and following through on my posts–right now I have four unpublished, halfway written posts in my drafts and about four more potential posts floating around in my brain. One thing to celebrate is that this is post 150! Yay, another milestone.

For 2019, I plan to continue to write about all the new in my life: the experiences, foods, activities, and my 30 Day Challenges. I’m working on a more consistent writing schedule and hope to post once a week.

I’m also going to continue with my Facebook page because finding great deals is something I am really passionate about, but I am not going to worry as much about other social media sites until I have my blog and Facebook page in order.

Lastly, this blog wouldn’t be what it is without you. I want to thank my committed readers and those who’ve just stopped by to check out my site. All of you make this experience so enjoyable.

Cheers to a more committed year three!



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