30 Day Challenges

Making Space in January

Back for another year is my 30 Day Challenges. This month my focus is on a more organized, less cluttered home. My inspiration comes from a blog post I was reading by Mliae at Life Experiment Blog where she challenged her readers to get rid of one thing a day which means 31 less things taking up space. I did this challenge back in February 2017. It’s a though one, and one worth repeating.

So, I’ve started the process of purging to clear my space and mind and set up 2019 positively. Just in time for my challenge came the Netflix series Tidying Up staring Maris Kondo. I’ve watched three episodes, and I’m hooked. Aren’t we all?? Some of her methods will certainly help me organize this month including finding what “sparks joy” in my life.

Here’s my focus.

  • Lighten the load of clothes and organize how they are stored
  • Tackle the kids toys to get rid of broken, unused, and out grown items
  • Clear out unnecessary items in not one but two junk drawers
  • Create space for art supplies

This list is sure to keep me busy. I’ve started on the first two items, and prepped by buy a few extra storage containers. I’m ready for some organization. Consider joining me on this challenge; it’s not too late.

To read about why I started the 30 Day Challenges, checkout my original blog post. This post is also a nice one listing all the challenge I attempted and completed thus far.

Thanks for stopping by today to checkout my January Challenge. I hope you are inspired to try this challenge, and by the end of the month, we will have less stuff but more joy.

Feel free to like, comment, and share. High five 🙌🏻 to a great new year -365DaysofNew

5 thoughts on “Making Space in January

  1. Hei, wow…you’re doing great! Kids stuff is the most difficult ‘what if’ of all time. We have the same issue here. What I’ve taken to is to take a few things that I think haven’t been glanced it in a year and pack it away. If, in a month or so, nobody has come asking about it, then I can quite much guess that it might be safe to part with.
    Thank you so much for doing this with me! For some reason, doing these things with friends is so much nicer than going at it alone.

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