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Spending, Spending, and More Spending: February Focuses on Cutting Back

Click, add to cart. Click, add to cart. Does this seem familiar to you?

In a world where items show up on your doorstep in 48 hours, online shopping has certainly changed the future of shopping forever.

For me–and many–online shopping a way of life. With two young children at home, it’s the easiest way to get what I need delivered to my house far before I could ever make it to the store. But there is a dark side when it comes to buying online. It’s simply too easy.

With this ease, comes many unplanned and impromptu purchases. There’s also the opportunity to add items to your cart and let them sit–something I do regularly, but retalor’s will send you friendly email reminders that there are items you’ve left unpurchased. Tempting you to go back and buy.

Because I am guilty of buying online all to frequently, my 30 Day Challenge for February is to eliminate any online shopping. Yes, I know what you are thinking; it may not even be possible, but I’m committed to giving it a try.

My January Challenge was all about decluttering my home (see results). By eliminating online shopping this month, I am hoping to continue to keep a clutter free home. Less buying means less stuff. I also intend to net a nice little bout of savings which will be perfect of our landscaping project this summer.

So, if you resonate with this post, and are also an online shopping enthusiast–or addict. Give this challenge a try. Just imagine what you could use your savings for this month.

To read about my inspiration for 30 Day Challenges, see my first post here. Here is a list of my 2017 challenges.

Thanks for checking out my challenge. I look forward to sharing my results with you in March. Feel free to like, comment, and share. #365daysofnew

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