Have Nostalgia for Edible Cookie Dough? Me too.

Back in the day, children made cookies with their mother or grandmother and the highlight of the event was to lick the spoon and bowl clean. Nowadays, that tradition is frowned upon due to stipulations about raw eggs. So, savvy baking moms have found a work around creating what many call edible cookie dough–see recipe option here from Cooking Classy. But when busy schedules prevail or a decadent childhood favorite needs to be had, patrons can check out a fun little treat shop in Green Bay called, The Dough Shoppe.

When walking in, you get a sense of an eating cookie dough tradition passed down. The decor is rustic yet modern and makes eating dough feel upscale and inviting–something you can do with your whole family.

The Dough Shoppe has around a dozen different edible cookie doughs on hand to serve guests. After sampling several to get a feel for what each flavor had to offer, I bought two scoops and took it home to share with my family. This made a fun decadent dessert that everyone loved since they could sample more than one flavors including traditional chocolate chip, M&M, chocolate mint, and brownie batter.

In addition to making yummy treats, the Dough Shoppe gives back to the community; their motto is “Be the Good”. One ongoing philanthropic effort is the donation of 100% of the proceeds from their tip jar to local charities. Also, the company honors military, fire, and public service workers by offering a 25% off discount on up to two items. Lastly, they host a give back night on Tuesdays from 3-8pm and donate 20% of the sales to a featured community group.

If you are in the area, need a break from cooking, want to impress your guests, or need a throwback to childhood, pop into The Dough Shoppe to try out one of their many cookie dough creations.

The Dough Shoppe
844 Willard Drive #2
Green Bay, WI

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