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Week one – Yoga challenge

After my first week of yoga for my 30 Day Challenge in March, I have worked in one day at Jenstar studio and six days of the 21 day Wanderlust challenge. The 21 day yoga challenge is free, and there is an easy to follow video sent right to my inbox. The videos are about 30 minutes in length and are labeled beginner to intermediate. So far, I feel good about my ability to complete the poses, but I do have yoga background. I’m not sure how easy it would be without having at least some prior knowledge of positions like warriors, chair, side angles, etc.

Here’s a glance at week one.

Monday – yoga studio

Tuesday – Day 1 – Breath to beats basics

Wednesday- Day 2 – Setting up the side body

Thursday – Day 3 – The Power of Foundation

Friday – Day 4 – Hip Opening Exploitation

Saturday – Day 5 – Testing Your Twist

Sunday – Day 6 – Ignite the Arms

By far the toughest thing is finding time during the day to do the session. Specifically on the weekends when there’s so many other things. This weekend I ended up doing yoga at all sorts of odd times and places including Friday after a girls’ night out and Saturday–after a beer and cheese curds–on the floor of our hotel room. Regardless, I’m super proud I’ve stuck to my challenge. I’m ready for what week two will bring.

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