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Week Three – Yoga Challenge

Oh so tried, as I’ve muscled through week three of yoga for my 30 Day Challenge in March.

One things for sure, my arms are getting more toned.

This week the practice is more intermediate/advanced. This week I had seven days of the 21 day yoga challenge by Wanderlust.

This is currently a free program that emails me a daily, easy to follow video. The videos are about 30 minutes in length.

FYI- Day 14 is crazy!

Let’s look at week three.

Monday – Day 13 – Redefine Your Edge

Tuesday – Day 14 – Float and Fly

Wednesday- Day 15 – The Best of Backbends

Thursday – Day 16 – Binds to Unwind

Friday – Day 17 – Poses for Power

Saturday – Day 18 – Open and Elongate

Sunday – Day 19 – Release what does not serve you- great Sunday mantra!

The challenge is technically over online, but I have two more videos to go to make it to twenty one. If you want to try these videos, checkout the 21 day yoga challenge.

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