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Week Two – Yoga Challenge

Not as enthusiastic as week one, I’ve managed a second week of yoga for my 30 Day Challenge in March. Again, I have worked in one day at Jenstar studio–my favorite way to end my Mondays–and six days of the 21 day yoga challenge by Wanderlust.

This is currently a free program that emails me a daily, easy to follow video. The videos are about 30 minutes in length and are labeled beginner/intermediate. This week day 7 was particularly challenging. It was prepping me for headstands which, currently, is not in my practice–someday. I think that’s why I’m prepping, but boy is it hard work!

Here’s a glance at week two.

Monday – yoga studio

Tuesday – Day 7 – Breath into Balance

Wednesday- Day 8 – Beats and Bends

Thursday – Day 9 – Using Strength to Find Length

Friday – Day 10 – Connecting Breath to Core *super tips for Chaturanga*

Saturday – Day 11 – Follow into Sensation

Sunday – Day 12 – A Stronger Spine

I’m just starting a cold, so we will see how week three goes. If you want to try these videos, checkout the 21 day yoga challenge.

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