30 Day Challenges

Week Four – yoga challenge

Made it to the end of yoga for my 30 Day Challenge in March.

Here’s my take aways…

1. I’m stronger and more toned

Overall, the more I tried the difficult poses the more confident I became when I realized I could do some of them.

2. I’ve been falling asleep faster and sleeping sounder.

Most nights I do yoga around 10pm right before I go to bed. On those nights, I fall asleep immediately and sleep super soundly. Could be coincidence since it’s so late or could be because Shavasana is so relaxing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

3. I feel accomplished

With just 30 minutes a day, I’m always feeling more accomplished after I’m done. Some days it feels like I conquered a mountain; other days it was just another part of my routine.

I finished my 21 days of Yoga for Wanderlust Challenge and for the reminding days I added yoga videos from YouTube. The links are attached below so that you can try some too.

Monday – Day 20 – Balancing and Bow

Tuesday – Day 21 – Effortless Flow

Wednesday- Sunrise Yoga– 15 min!

Thursday – Yoga for Core & Booty

Friday – 5 Minutes of Yoga –almost forgot! Snuck it in!!

Saturday – Bedtime Yoga

Sunday – Yoga for Sleep – all stretching routines

Monday – Jenstar Yoga Studio Class

Tuesday – Morning Yoga Full Body

The challenge is over, I had fun, and I’m ready for something new. Yoga everyday was a bit intense, so I’m going back to a nice balance between yoga, running, and HIIT. Although a great challenge, variety truly is the spice of life, and I like having more options. Thanks for following along. Heres what I’ll be up to in April.

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