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Where does your food come from? Exploration at the Farm Discovery Center

Where does your food come from? If your first thought is the supermarket, it’s time to think deeper at the process of farm to table happening right here in our own communities. One place that helps educate the state on this process is the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center in Manitowoc, WI.

Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center

One of our new adventures this summer was this hands on educational center teaching about agriculture including how food, fibers and fuel are produced from livestock and other animals raised in the midwest. This center offers a farm tour, interactive exhibits, and a birthing barn. As well as, a stellar cafe for brunch or lunch made with some of the freshest local ingredients.

The Exhibits

The main educational portion starts on the second floor. The exhibits here are geared towards educating families through a hands-on experience. Some exhibits include building a balanced and nutritious meal using Wisconsin products. exploring elevation with kinetic sand, lifting cheese blocks, and harvesting corn by driving a simulated tractor.

Elevation Exploration
A Look at the Workload

Farm Tour

Touring a working dairy farm via bus is an accessible experience for all. This bus tour is included in the price of admission. Patrons stay on the bus the entire ride which takes visitors through the barn and around the farm. A video guide from the Grotegut family, who owns the farm, teaches viewers about the property and daily work that is involved with dairy farming.

Entering the Farm’s Property

The Birthing Barn

Talk about a unique experience. Those that have time on their side may be able to view the birth of a calf. While there, we did not see a birth; however, one recently born calf was being cared for in one of the stalls. As a mom, I find bringing into the world new life such a gift.

Observation Area

Cafe, Playground, Gift Shop, & Ice Cream

Although lumped together, the Wisconsin Cafe is a stand alone to talk about during this experience. To start, the food is exceptional. The Wisconsin cheese, homemade bread, grass fed beef, and—don’t forget—fried cheese curds are just a few places to start! See the most recent menu here.

Connected to the cafe is a gift shop with puzzles, books, DVDs and–of course– cheese! A lot, of fresh and unique varieties of cheese can be found in the coolers.

Within the gift shop is Ice Cream Acres which offers 16 flavors of Cedar Crest Ice Cream. Think Mackinac Island Fudge, cookie dough, Bluemoon just to name a few. Samples are encouraged and the kids were not going to leave without having a scoop; I can’t blame them!

Lastly, the outdoor playground gives kids the opportunity to burn off a little energy before hopping back into the car. There are tables just outside the fenced playground area.

Everything mentioned in this section runs separately than the Farm Wisconsin Center and is available to customers anytime regardless of a paid admission.

Overall, this mini road trip was a great addition to our summer break. Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center is open Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm. Visit their Facebook page to get updates about what’s happening at the facility.

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