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Start with Small Celebrations: Choose Joy!

Since starting this blog, I have relished at my ability to write and loved setting goals for what my next post would be about. But, the last few months have slipped away. Each day that I didn’t open my Word Press account to write, I felt dread about getting back at it. I reminded myself over and over again that it’s been so long I might as well give up.

Next month, I host another book club. The 10th one since proposing the idea to my friends and family two years ago. When getting together with these fabulous ladies, I am reminded of why it’s so important to set goals and to continue to work towards your dreams. I dreamed of celebrating my love of reading with other empowering women. Just as, I dreamed of this page, and I have worked to build an audience. Today I am celebrating!

  • This is my 167th post on 365 Days of New.
  • I have a Facebook Page detailing amazing deals with 311 followers.
  • Every other month I run a book club with women I appreciate.
  • I haven’t given up yet.

And even through all my fears, I’m taking on a new adventure as a contributor for the Green Bay Area Mom’s Blog–another awesome group and resource. This is a tribute to why I started writing this blog in the first place– to step out of my comfort zone.

Cheers to starting this year out strong. Beyond my new adventures, I plan to bring you a list of books I’m reading this year. The first of which is The Guest Book by Sarah Blake (affiliate link). My goal for 2020 is to have a virtual book club.

Here is the official list for 2020.

Thank you, everyone—my readers, my supporters. This is what makes writing have JOY! Happy New Year to you all!

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— Amanda @365daysofnew

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