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365 Days of New’s 2020 Book Club Reads

Even at a young age, I loved everything about books. The smell, feel, weight all give me happy vibes. Really, books have a magical sense to them. A way to transport to somewhere else.

After having children, I didn’t read as often unless you count piles and piles of picture books–which I do. But, I was no longer reading for me.

Last year was a record year for reading. I downloaded the Good Reads App to track my books read and joined the 2019 challenge on the app. My goal was to read 55 book in a year. It was so far fetched for me when I barely read a book a month. But a few things changed.

First, I started a book club that met in person every other month. It started off big, dwindled some, and now has a constantly dedicated few that get together.

Second, I got acquainted with audiobooks. These beauties allow me to listen to books while in the car, on a trip, and during a run. It was the perfect option to boost my overall book count.

So, those two things helped me not only meet my goal, but pushed me beyond to completing 58 books in 2019! Cue the confetti! 🎉

Being that it’s a new year and decade, I want to up the ante and work towards 60 books in 2020. It such a big undertaking.

I’m also adding a virtual book club to my repertoire. At this point, I’m not sure what that will look like other than I plan to read the book listed each month and post questions for discussion. This year I’m trying to choose books that fit a bunch of different categories.

So without further ado, here is 365 Days of New’s 2020 book club list.

365 Days of New’s 2020 Book Club List

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Choosing books was so hard as there are SO MANY amazing choices! I did my best to vary the genres. I also tried to pick some newer releases for 2020. Plus, I paired some books to upcoming movies and connected other to what was happening that month. Hopefully you’ll find a few interesting options from the list. I can’t wait for the feedback and discussion at the end of each month. Excited for our new adventure here at 365 Days of New.

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