365 Days Book Club

July 2020 Book Club Discussion – Such a Fun Age

For July we read, Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid (commissioned link). The best thing about literature is that it keeps conversation going and perspectives changing, learning, and growing. Such a Fun Age did just that.

The Such a Fun Age Book Club Discussion

  1. The book starts off with prejudice misconceptions about Emira, a Black babysitter, who is accused of stealing a three year old white girl she is caring for per her employer. This interaction is caught on tape, but Emira does not want to release it or press charges. Discuss the reactions of all involved with this incident. What are the repercussions if the tape gets released?
  2. Alix so badly wants to create a friendship with Emira. How is Alix’s story alike and different than Emira’s story? Could a friendship work?
  3. The title has multiple meanings, but makes me think most of the uncertainty I had in my 20s about securing a stable career. Twenty five year old Emira compares her life to her friends and is unsure of her future goals. The uncertainty of what lies ahead connects so well to the title. Discuss any connections you made to the title.
  4. The perspectives of both Alix and Kelley are very different based on a previous event they both experienced. How did their different experiences change the course of their future?
  5. Many topics are present in this book including parenting, careers, privilege, race, gender, family, friendships, and more. Which stuck with you the most? Why do you think this is the case?

Thanks to those that joined us in July on this collective read. Please share your thoughts in the comments. This is an ongoing, open discussion thread.

If you missed June’s post, but have read or want to read The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms (commissioned link), follow this link to the discussion questions and leave your thoughts!

For August, 365 Days of New is reading The Joy of Missing Out (commissioned link) by Tonya Dalton. This book was chosen pre pandemic when everyone was running around everywhere, but it seems like the concepts still apply. When things like Facebook, Instagram, etc. make us think that everyone is out doing the same things pre 2020, it is very likely that is not true.

I’m hoping the Joy of Missing Out can reground me in what I already know is truth: I’m not missing out. My life is full. While I’ve already had to say no to many more activities and events than I’d like this year, I think this book will remind me of finding joy in each and every day–even the ones that seem so hard. As well as, being comfortable and confident with my decisions. I look forward to reading this book and discussing at the end of August.

Check out all of 365 Days of New’s 2020 book club choices here.

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