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August 2020 Book Club Discussion – The Joy of Missing Out

During the pandemic, our family has been restricting the amount of activities and exposure as much as possible to try to help limit the spread of COVID-19. At first, we found ways to celebrate this extended family time. We baked a bit too many treats, played board games–please no more Monopoly Junior, and watched movies on repeat. For a while, this worked. But, I soon began to wonder—Am I missing out? Is this what everyone else is doing? Facebook and Instagram made me thing otherwise. Insert August’s book club choice, The Joy of Missing Out (commissioned link) by Tonya Dalton. This read came at the perfect time for me.

There is so much amazing discussion to have around this book. The author’s website is FULL of chapter by chapter guides and bonus features to help readers work through the process. As well as, a free book club kit! I signed up to receive all these emails. Get it all here!

The Joy of Missing Out Book Club Discussion

  1. Which chapter resonated with you the most?
  2. What is your biggest fear you are missing out on right now? What is the truth or reality behind this fear?
  3. Which of the myths: “I’m an excellent multitasker. I don’t have time to take a break. Technology is always better.”— in chapter five do you tell yourself the most? Why is it important for you to let go of that lie?
  4. Dalton emphasizes the importance of a priority list over a to-do list. What will your priority list look like today?
  5. I have an obsession over tiny house shows. The appeal of living simpler with less stuff seams freeing. Chapter 9 focuses on simplicity. How do you make your routine more simplistic?
  6. What are five things you can do this week to create joy in your life?

Even though this selection was chosen for 2020 book club over nine months ago, it was the right time to read it. As I predicted, The Joy of Missing Out reground me in my own truth: I’m not missing out. My life is full. I do finding joy in each and every day–even the ones that seem so hard–and there are a lot more hard ones right now than easy ones. Hang in there.

Thanks to those that joined us in August on this collective read. Please share your thoughts in the comments. This is an ongoing, open discussion thread.

If you missed Julys post, but have read or want to read The Overdue Life of Amy BylerSuch a Fun Age by Kiley Reid (commissioned link), follow this link to the discussion questions and leave your thoughts!

For September, 365 Days of New is reading Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano (commissioned link). This book is brand new as of January 2020 and has highly stared reviews. The plot examines how one child–the only survivor of a plane crash that killed his family and 191 others–copes with this devastating reality.

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