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My Love-Hate Relationship with My Fitbit

Somedays I LOVE this relatively small, micro computer I have strapped around my wrist, other days I HATE it as it reminds me that I failed to meet another goal. Did I walk far enough, sleep well enough, and earn active minutes? Oh why do I torture myself so?

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A New Addition to My Blog

Greetings everyone! I’m so happy you have followed along with me so far on my blogging journey. I’m loving the experiences I’ve been able to share with you.  This will be a short post today as my intentions are to share my new social media links with you. I’ve since created my own Instagram, Twitter,… Continue reading A New Addition to My Blog

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7.26.17 – It’s time for Amazon Hit or Miss!

Ding, dong. That sound makes my heart skip a happy beat as I race to the door to collect my most recent Amazon purchase(s). The thing about Amazon is that it’s highly addictive since everything is right at your fingertips –or computer click–and it’s at your door in 2 days provided you have Amazon Prime… Continue reading 7.26.17 – It’s time for Amazon Hit or Miss!

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Target Grooming Box for Men

To me, men seem to be harder to buy for than women, so I’m always looking for creative gift ideas.  This is certainly a unique one: Target Beauty Box – Men.  I thought my husband might enjoy it, and it made an easy Father’s Day gift. Plus, men need grooming too; right, ladies?! Now, I don’t… Continue reading Target Grooming Box for Men

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Favorite Quarterly Subscription Box: FabFitFun

The problem with writing about the new in my life is that life is endlessly changing. Even when I don’t think things are changing, they are. And with that I am trying new things daily, but forever behind in writing about them. Ugh! The best part of this post is that I am writing it… Continue reading Favorite Quarterly Subscription Box: FabFitFun

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Enjoying All the Comforts of New Orleans One Sip at a Time

When visiting New Orleans, I really enjoyed the food. There were so many choices from French and Israeli, to more traditional Creole cuisine. Really, a palette and plethora of choices to please everyone. However that was not the only thing that stood out to me on our visit. There was one particular beverage that we… Continue reading Enjoying All the Comforts of New Orleans One Sip at a Time

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A Website that Allows you to Earn Cash By Searching, Surveying, and Shopping

A few cents here, a few cents there….it doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. When I can earn extra money by doing virtually nothing, I’m on board. Swagbucks is a website that pays you for things you are probably already doing like searching the web! One Swagbuck is equivalent to $0.01, but as most… Continue reading A Website that Allows you to Earn Cash By Searching, Surveying, and Shopping