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Week Four – yoga challenge

Made it to the end of yoga for my 30 Day Challenge in March. Here’s my take aways… 1. I’m stronger and more toned Overall, the more I tried the difficult poses the more confident I became when I realized I could do some of them. 2. I’ve been falling asleep faster and sleeping sounder.… Continue reading Week Four – yoga challenge

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Week one – Yoga challenge

After my first week of yoga for my 30 Day Challenge in March, I have worked in one day at Jenstar studio and six days of the 21 day Wanderlust challenge. The 21 day yoga challenge is free, and there is an easy to follow video sent right to my inbox. The videos are about… Continue reading Week one – Yoga challenge

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My Love-Hate Relationship with My Fitbit

Somedays I LOVE this relatively small, micro computer I have strapped around my wrist, other days I HATE it as it reminds me that I failed to meet another goal. Did I walk far enough, sleep well enough, and earn active minutes? Oh why do I torture myself so?


The 30 Day Challenge Results are in for April

As the winter months approached, I lacked serious motivation to workout. I’d get up,  get ready, work, pick up the kids, play downstairs, kids bedtime, couch time (or blogging time), and my bedtime–exhausting. The patterned repeated; however, now that spring is approaching, I’ve wanted to get my butt in gear by giving myself a little… Continue reading The 30 Day Challenge Results are in for April