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Winter in Wisconsin: Family Fun in the Snow

Winter in Wisconsin means snow; typically lots of it. This winter hasn’t had as much snowfall as other years. Instead we have had more sleeting, so when we finally got a few inches, we thought we’d take advantage of it.

With a fresh snowfall, it was the perfect time to try sledding as a whole family, but first we needed snow tubes. After searching three stores, my husband found some donut shaped ones at Target for $19.99. Certainly wouldn’t have been our first pick, but we were out of options due to our last minute plan.

After spending twenty tiring minutes of blowing up each tube, we could finally head out the door. We drove to Waterford, a local park, which had a small, sensible hill for our two little ones. This hill was also a manageable one for carrying tubes as well as kids up it.

Our family time was fun. The four year old loved sledding. By the end, she was going down the hill alone–lying on her stomach, head first. She’s always been a thrill seeker.

The two year old had never sledded before and was more unsure of the whole experience. After about five times of going down the hill, she was asking for cuddles and wanting to go home. With new things, it can take a few times to truly enjoy the experience. Maybe next time she’ll last a little longer before wanting to go.

Overall, we made it about 45 minutes. In my eyes a largely successful family outing. I don’t know who was having more fun, the kids or the parents.Normally I’m not a fan of the snow, but tonight I enjoyed it.  I went down a few extra times by myself, bring back my own childhood memories. The powdery snow whipped back at my face wetting my hair as I flew down the hill, the rush of the ride making me feel like a kid again.

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