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Don’t Reserve this Coffee for a Special Occasion: Try Starbucks Reserve

The fragrant smell and bold taste is what makes coffee the best part of my morning. I enjoy a cup daily, but the weekends are when I truly get to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup or two.2017-01-22_09-42-29_000

This weekend we tried a new blend; we ground the beans and made a pot of
Starbucks Reserve. I never even knew that Starbucks had this line of coffee. The beans come from remote places around the world, but the reserve coffee is roasted here in the US at the original Starbucks roasting room in Seattle, Washington. Who knew?

We were lucky enough to get a batch of the Reserved Christmas Blend to try. Starbucks Christmas Blend is my all time favorite– their French Roast also at the top. The Christmas Blend is a must during the holiday season, and although the season is now over, I’m glad I have one last bag to savor of this spirited beverage.

This particular blend is a mix of dark and light beans. I note a slight caramel flavor along with a bold slightly dark roast taste. It’s a smooth concoction.

Currently, Starbucks has four other reserve roasts available for $12.50 and a featured Nicaraguan roast for $17.50 both are 8.8 oz bags of whole beans. With such a variety, you’re sure to find a blend you like and be able to enjoy this elite version of Starbucks coffee. I enjoy waking up to this new addition to my weekend routine. Coffee brewing, I put my feet up, relax, and surf social media. Cheers to that!

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