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Indulgent, Yet Simple: Four Ingredient Chocolate Cherry Cake

Whenever I make this incredibly simple, but decadent chocolate cherry cake, I’m reminded of my grandmother. She used to make this recipe for many of our get togethers. When grandma baked, it was one of my favorite things, and I got accustomed to this cake showing up. It was always a fan favorite and seamed time consuming due to it’s goodness, so when I was given the recipe at my bridal shower, I was amazed to find out it was simple.

Last weekend was my father’s birthday, and –per my sister’s request– I made the chocolate cherry cake. As I sat to enjoy it, all the great memories of times with my family flooded back. So now, I wanted to share it with all of you. It’s not a new recipie–perhaps one you’ve had before, but it’s delishous and may inspire you to make your own family memories. It’s quick and easy leaving you lots of time to sit back and enjoy your company.

Chocolate Cherry Cake

1 box of Devil’s Food Cake Mix
1 can cherry pie filling (21 oz.)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of almond extract


  1. Combine all four ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Mix together for 1-2 minutes to break up the cherries.  If you want a chunkier cherry, you could mix by hand so that it doesn’t break up so much.
  3. Pour the ingredients into a 9×13 inch pan and bake at 350 degrees for 25-40 minutes.
  4. Top with chocolate frosting–I used premade to keep it simple–or try one of the alternative options below.

Other options would be to top with homemade whipped cream or sprinkle on some powdered sugar. You could serve the cake with vanilla bean or cherry ice cream. I would recommend the vanilla cherry ice cream from Haagen Daz; it was an excellent pairing! You could add sprinkles or anything to “fancy it up” and because it is in a 9×13 pan, it is easy to take with you to a party. Enjoy.

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