A Must See Adorable & Eclectic Secondhand Designer Clothing Boutique on Broadway

Update: I’m sad to say this boutique is no longer open.

Not only do I LOVE shopping locally and supporting small business in my community, but I really love when I can support a business, the economy, and the environment. The Scarlet Heart, one storefront down from Kavarna is on Broadway in Green Bay, is a must visit store if you want to look chic at an affordable price. The owner, Virginia Charles, is incredibly welcoming, personable, passionate, and may even entertain your kids—sorry, she may not, but did entertain mine, so I could shop! Virginia also makes some of the clothing and accessories in the store, but most items she’s found secondhand and resells at a reasonable price.

When we spoke, she said she wanted to have a store that offered $100+ name brand & designer jeans at a low cost (around $35 a pair). Most items in the store are priced around $20, and she even had a sale rack at $10 an item.

It’s so much fun to shop this store; you never know what you might find! I found two adorable dresses for $10 each. Both name brand items and in great condition.

This one is a cute polkadot dress from Old Navy. I added the belt. It was perfect for the Fourth of July and other summer outings. It also looks awesome with a jean jacket.

This dress is made by Lauren Conrad. I love the back! I wore it on our anniversary with a belt I already had on hand. I think it will look great with leggings in the fall which will make the cutest back to school outfit. I’ve received a lot of compliments on this one.

I hope you had fun reading about this today. Put in on your agenda to stop by The Scarlet Heart if you live in town. If not, check out another secondhand store near you. It so much fun to see what you will find! Happy hunting!!

The Scarlet Heart
131 N. Broadway
Green Bay, WI

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