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Kohler, Wisconsin: More than Meets the Eye

When I first think about Kohler, I think about high quality toilets and sinks, but it turns out there is so much more to Kohler than top raking bathrooms and kitchens. Kohler is also making a name for itself with hospitality and restaurants. Destination Kohler, located in Kohler, WI, consists of at least ten restaurants including casual and fine dining, a coffee house and wine bar as well as three lodging options that would make this city a great weekend getaway.

This year, thanks to a close friend, I was fortunate to attend the second annual Chefs’ Night located in the Kohler Showroom. This is a meet and greet event where food enthusiasts sample food and wine pairings and talk to the chefs involved in the culinary creations. The food and wine pairings were well chosen and there were at least a dozen food stations leaving no one hungry. Other than the first three tables near the entrance, there wasn’t much congestion in any location. You could walk up to get your food and then take it to anywhere in the showroom which I found entertaining. When else can you dine in a breathtaking bathroom?

Blackwolf Run was my favorite food station because they offered something I have never tried before: chicken and waffles. Boy was I missing out! The crispness of the fried chicken with the sweetness from the sweet potato waffle and saltness of country greens worked perfectly together. All was plated on top of a chipotle honey butter. AMAZING! Looks like I’ll be ordering this in the future.


The restaurant with the most unique plating was from Banquets of The American Club. The chef served a lobster corndog with a creamed corn side and a jazzed up cocktail sauce–very tasty.


The plating on the Kettle Chip-Crusted Walleye was eye catching. The crisped fish sat atop of a glazed root vegetable mix and was topped with an onion remoulade. It was top notch.


To top off my experience, there was an amazing Peanut Butter and Jelly Panna Cotta presented by Pastries of the American Club. It was a creamy combination of peanut butter and jelly topped with edible peanut butter beads. Not only was it delicious, it was stunning.


Also, new this year were cooking demos from three featured chefs. It was a great bonus to the program.

Now, if after all of this you are looking to have your own outing–maybe a date night or girls night, try one of the upcoming Kohler events. There are a variety of offerings in the Chef Table Series including Italian Classics, Parisian Pleasure, Tuscan Harvest, Tapas Party, and more. With so many options, one is sure to please your palate.

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