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The Perfect Patio Drink

On our recent vacation, we traveled to Door County, and we rented a house on HomeAway to share with my in laws. Traveling with my in laws is something we’ve been doing for the last several years, and we really enjoy spending the time together. Having a house to ourselves allows us to have the freedom to cook as well as still go out and checkout the area at our leisure.

In an attempt to sneak away from our kids, we managed to escape and check out the Door County Distillery. My husband convinced me to try a flight of spirits.


We shared the three tastes. Well kind of shared, my husband drank a whole one thinking I had already tried some of it–that’s what he claims. Per my father-in-law, he requested we bring back some gin, and in exchange for watching our overtired children, we obliged.

With the gin, he created some gin and tonics. I turned up my nose at first, but this simple drink was different than what I thought. It wasn’t piney tasting; instead it was smooth and refreshing. With little ingredients, they were super easy to make.


I wasn’t sure these would count as my new “recipe” for this month’s 30 Day Challenge because really they are a bit on the simplistic side. But, I decided I was counting it.

So, let me get to how to make one.

To make a gin and tonic, fill a glass with ice, add a shot of gin, and fill to the top with tonic. Add a squeeze of lime. Stir and toss in the lime wedge.

That’s it! Now, you have the perfect patio drink for a hot summer day or a cool summer night. IMG_8883.JPG

By the end of the week, I made my husband go back for a second bottle of gin so that when the first one is empty, I’d have the next one on hand. It just goes to show that sometimes the ones most skeptical to try something end up liking it the most. If you are in Door County, I’d recommend trying the Door County Distillery. The spirits are of a great quality, and the gin is one to have on hand.

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