Making Food from Fresh Local Ingredients: Heartland Cooks from it’s Heart

I’m not Italian, but I think I can make a pretty darn good pizza from scratch. Thin crust is my specialty, and I love experimenting with ingredients. But, what I can’t get is the amazing crispy crust and flavor that one can get from a brick oven. So, this is when I turn to Heartland Pizza Company.

This local establishment is one my family returns to often as it is close to home and the food is fresh, fast, and delicious. They make a standard pepperoni or sausage and other creative options like a Margherita, Roasted Shroom, and Little Piggie. There is also a build your own option, so you can create whatever you desire. If you and your family cannot agree on a topping, they will accommodate with 1/2 one option and 1/2 another. Their ingredients are fresh and local including making homemade ice cream. I recommend trying the breadsticks with the homemade ranch sauce. It’s a crowd pleaser.

Recently, Ubereats was added for a delivery option making it even more convenient to order in and enjoy great pizza from home. I’m excited for this option, and got to try to it over the weekend when we ordered delivery to Badger State.

Most notably, Heartland does a lot of charity work which is incredibly commendable as they are always finding ways to give back to the community. It’s clearly in the name; Heartland has a lot of HEART!

Mostly, I love the family-friendly atmosphere–kids are always welcome– and the reasonable price per pizza. The company has a great birthday club, gifting you a free pizza around the time of your birthday. What a great way to celebrate!

Heartland Pizza Company | Green Bay, WI | 2822 Ramada Way | (920) 489-2500

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