Bread Should Taste Great and Be Made with Minimal Ingredients which Makes Breadsmith a Win in My Book

Breadsmith Bread is a staple in our household. My husband goes once a week to pick up a loaf which we’ve termed the “good bread”. For the longest time, I think he was keeping it a secret that there are samples inside–lots of them.  Breadsmith carries breads baked in a European hearth oven. The bread is made with minimalistic ingredients which is what I appreciate so much about it. Not only is their bread good, they also have other great items including granola, pizza dough, cookies, scones, biscotti and other bakery treats. I love all of the choices, and the staff makes wonderful recommendations to pair with any meal.

This weekend my sister brought over the French Peasant Bread. It was perfect to dip with oil and vinegar and paired well with our chicken, spinach stuffed shells. It was a longer loaf and fed all six adults and five kids with some to spare.


This week we bought two loaves of bread: a roasted garlic and a multigrain. Both worked perfectly for our gourmet grilled cheese sandwich party we attended for the Packer Game (see post). The staff also recommended trying the country butter top and asiago cheese bread. Two I am keeping in mind for future purchases.


This morning I splurged on the cranberry orange scone. Unfortunately for me the girls noticed I had a treat and ate almost half of it before we got home! Next time I’ll have to be a bit sneakier. I did get to have the other half with the rest of my coffee. The perfect combination to top off my nice morning.  As far as other breakfast items, my husband purchased the cherry pie bread for a birthday treat which was awesome and certainly will be a hard one to top.

Breadsmith has 32 bakeries located in 16 states in the US. There are eight in Wisconsin with two in the Green Bay area and two in Appleton. There are also two in Milwaukee, one in Saint Paul, MN as well as ones as far as Arizona and Texas.  

As a heads up to my local readers, the Breadsmith in Green Bay on Oneida Street will be moving its location in the spring of 2017 to 2325 Holmgren Way due to expansion (future updates will be posted on their Facebook page). I’ll certainly be sad to see it move since its location is currently the ideal proximity to our home, but I’m sure we will continue to make regular trips there to keep our “good bread” stocked in our pantry.

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