30 Day Challenges

Technology for the Win: 30 Day Challenge Results

Every year I love the Tech. Challenge that our Technology Coordinator designs. This year there was a slight twist compared to other years, but there was still an individual and team component. Read about the challenge hereAttachment-1 (3).jpeg

My goal was to complete half of the 30 activities. It was a big challenge, and I had fierce competition from another coworker in my building. That helped to push me a little more. What many don’t realize is I am quite competitive on my own. 

The results? I made it to that half way mark and accomplished my goal with 23 total tasks completed this month!! Yay! #nailedit!

Some of my favorites were very new to me including a mini-makerspace, google expedition, making a GIF, and organizing a PubPd event. My google expedition included a tour of a Civil Rights Museum which coincided with a multi-genre unit brining some of what we read about to life.

The mini-maker space was created from random supplies in my cabinet that students used to design something to represent their learning from the unit.

What was most beneficial about this challenge was the collaboration and conversation among our staff. It was fun to see what everyone was doing in their classrooms. #redbirdsrock

So, 23 completed tasks gave me 28 points total putting me in 1st place in my building. My competitor came in 2nd at 24 points which was the difference between 1-4 tasks depending on which task was chosen. She did some amazing things in her room including analyzing the use of math in artwork during a google expedition.  So innovative. I couldn’t be more pleased with the new things I’ve learned this month.

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