For those Summer Nights

It’s almost here. The Midwest’s most yearned for time of the year: summer. Three short months of humid days and warm mosquito filled nights. It’s the time of year we can stay up later and linger outside a little longer. On those particularly relaxing summer nights, where friends and family have gathered to mingle, a fun past time in this area are lawn games. This past weekend I was at Badger State Brewing Company (read about their yoga and beer event here), and they had three awesome larger than life versions that I wanted to share. One of which I’ve never seen as a lawn game but loved as a child. Perhaps you’ve played.

Fun Lawn Games for those Summer Nights

  1. Connect Four
    • This is the one I loved as a child, but I have not seen in person until this weekend. The object of connect four is to get four disks in a row: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You need to use strategy to “block” your opponent’s move. This is a two person game. Normally, I cannot get my husband to play any sort of games, but he was very willing to give this one a try. I hate to brag–or not–; I was the winner.
  2. Cornhole or Bags
    • I feel like this is a staple for most outdoor parties. Keep score up to 21 by taking turns tossing a bean bag at the board. Get the bag in the hole score 3 points, land it on the board get one point. There are other variations as well. Our team lost this one. I need more practice!img_6132.jpg
  3. Giant Jenga
    • I’ve seen homemade versions of this one. Each person takes a turn using a pry bar to tap the Jenga piece from its wedged in location. The person who knocks over the stack loses. img_6123.jpg
  4. Yard Yahtzee
    • This one was not at Badger State, but I’ve seen it at many craft shows and even online at Target. The games is played just like regular Yahtzee where you get three tries to roll five of a kind, aka, Yahtzee. I’d love this one for the backyard. I found it on Amazon for $35. I’m thinking I’ll make my own. (Maybe a future blog post is in the making.)img_6204-e1496598599594.png

Of course, there is always having a bonfire. No one can resist s’mores. Hoping you’ll be enjoying those soon to be summer nights any way you choose. Do you have favorites of your own?

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