30 Day Challenges

When Surfing My Phone is not an Option There’s always my Newest Netflix Binge

Now that I’m not spending all of my free time on my cell phone at night (see why here), I’ve found other ways to occupy my very limited time. So far, I’ve read an entire magazine cover to cover, finished a book I’ve been reading for far too long, wrapped a few Christmas gifts, and started a new Netflix’s series.

Binge watching TV is very much my style. I prefer it over watching a movie hands down.  So often, I’ll find myself latching on to something and wanting to finish the whole series. So, when I finally made it through the whole episode of Stranger Things, I was hooked.

My husband and I started Stranger Things a few weeks ago, but both of us fell asleep on the couch while watching it. So, I suggested we try it again. Sci-fi is not really my husbands thing, but he was willing to give it another go considering the numerous recommendations from family and friends–and my nagging.

I do love science fiction, but for some reason I was skeptical about a show that has an underworld.  It turns we both like it. Whether it’s the four adolescent boys, the telepathic girl, or the fact that it takes place in the 80s and the references are so much fun, there’s something about it that keeps both of us coming back for more.

We finished season one and have started season two, but have decided tonight we needed to take a day or two break. Pretty soon we will burn through the whole series and will have to move on to the next show–I’ve heard The Crown (Netflix) and The Man in the High Castle (Amazon) are very good—but for now I will enjoy this one.

The night off from TV watching has allowed me a little free time to share with all of you how my 30 Day Challenge is going. For now I’m making it work, and I actually enjoy finding time to go back to some of the other things that help me to wind down at night. Perhaps a little more balance between reading, blogging, work, and TV would be perfect, so that will be my focus for the rest of the month. Thanks for checking in!

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