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Less Spending; More Saving February was a Challenging Month

Click, add to cart. Click, add to cart.

Yes, this was still a pattern this month as it is a really difficult one to break. However, the difference was that I never completed the checkout process. That’s right. I did not spend any money on online retail this month.

My 30 Day Challenge for February was to eliminate any online shopping, and I did it! I’m going to be frank; it was super tough. Ultimately, my end goal for the month was a lower credit card bill. It was significantly lower than in January.

By adding items to my cart and leaving them there, it set up a whole different chain reaction. My emails from various retailers kept reminding me of all the items I had left sitting in my cart. How many items exactly?

Well… Let’s start with the big one: Amazon.

I had 32 items in my Amazon cart in 30 days. That’s more than an item a day! Clearly, Amazon is one of my most shopped spots. There were five items in my Old Navy cart and one in my JCPenney cart. It turns out I don’t actually want nor need most of the things that interest me. Out of the 38 things, I still want two pairs of shoes and a scarf. So, not too bad. I’ve yet to buy any of the items.

With every month, there seems to be unpredicted costs. For February it was renewing memberships including Costco, Children’s Museum, and Amazon Prime which of course was added to the credit card bill. In the end, it was still a successful month as we were able to cut our credit card bill in half.

So, did you try the no online spending challenge this month? If so, tell me about it. If not, what did you end up buying? Do you love your purchases? I’d love to hear from you.

To read about my inspiration for 30 Day Challenges, see my first post here. Here is a list of my 2017 challenges.

Thanks for checking out my challenge. Read here to see what I’m up to this month. Feel free to like, comment, and share. #365daysofnew

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3 thoughts on “Less Spending; More Saving February was a Challenging Month

  1. This is DEFINITELY a challenge I need to partake in! 😅 Most of my actual online purchases are books and I’m pretty good about finding the best deals possible, but it still adds up! I can’t believe you were able to cut your credit card bill in half! That’s amazing.

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